Don’t understand the shared service center? Check out this information

A shared service center or often abbreviated as SSC is a service of sharing or sharing tasks to overcome the limitations of company- and technology-owned resources. Services like these are said to be services that are shared with other companies’ ranges so they don’t make the feeling that they have to spend exorbitant costs in order to have their own service line.

It can be said that services like these are mandatory services that must be owned by companies if they want to optimize how their company is performing. Even the government itself has also implemented a system like this for state-owned enterprises to optimise how these enterprises are without incurring expensive maintenance costs.

For ordinary people, many people may not be very familiar with them and know for sure what is meant by a service like this, because it is not easy to save money to get to know the service.

Simple explanation of shared service center services

Since many rumors have stated that shared service or SSC is a type of service to be able to improve optimization in a company, you need information to learn more about what SSC is. Because there are a lot of problems, especially for companies. Sebab if you can implement a service like this in the company, it will obviously bring profit to the company so it will be more optimal.

In short, a shared service center is  a department of service services or tasks to be able to overcome resource constraints. Because using this concept will create a burden on the company that needs to be made in order to be able to pursue the target by spending as little as possible. This is because they don’t have to spend money to buy technology or other supporting things because it can be done by SSC.

In fact, the use of this concept has the sole purpose of reducing expenses for the areas of operation of the enterprise and can improve the reliability of services in the company. Because organizers and agents of shared services will certainly always oversee the course of services provided to the leadership by a number of experts in their field.

Therefore, it can be concluded that this SSC is a unit or agent in a company that provides service services to be able to share the use so that it can be applied to all parts of the entity in a company.

Main Benefits of Using  a Shared Service Center

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Even by realizing the benefits and benefits that can be gained through the service concept, it allows some business entities to choose to implement or implement this concept. Some examples include SOEs such as Telkom Group and PT Pertamina which are among the biggest competitors in Indonesia operating shared service centres. Of course, they are aware of some of the benefits of using this shared service.

One of the benefits of using the shared service concept is as a way to be able to reduce costs that need to be incurred because it can still optimize the company’s performance by spending relatively efficiently. Thus, by using this service, it will definitely be able to improve the management of  business operations in a company. As a result, the company does not need to  allocate only relatively  large investments  to stock.

It feels like more and more reliability in a company is definitely a value-added if it has implemented the use of shared services. Experiencing such benefits will obviously be very beneficial for the company because eventually it will come with a focus like optimizing customer satisfaction.

Another benefit is being able to be used as decision support. Because by using a shared service, the data submitted and analyzed appears to be reliable data and ready to be snatched away.

A simple example of the Shared Service Center implementation

Perhaps so far there are many of you who don’t know for sure what SSC is. This is natural, since most people who understand this term are those who work in the company field, especially in company development. In order to know what the concept of a service like this is like, you need a real example to be able to describe the service.

We will take a simple picture that can now show to implement this concept. One is a company like a post office that has started implementing shared services. This company uses these services to be able to develop and manage HR, accounting, and asset functions.

Surely, before using this service, all post offices use each department’s support function system. Examples include the finance department, HR and others. However, since the concept of this service has been implemented, all post offices no longer need to have these partitions, because they can be decentralized on the basis of certain regions to provide the same service in order to open several branches of the post office.

Therefore, all post offices no longer need the support department as above, so they can make the company to reduce operating costs and reduce the number of employees. The cost of the employee deduction may be allocated to the business district, such as attempts to deliver goods or recall goods. Thus, this leads to the company being able to function more optimally and effectively at no more cost.

Barriers tooperating shared service centers in companies

While it is common knowledge that services like these can indeed offer significant benefits and optimizations to companies, unfortunately there are still many companies that have  not been able to operate or operate shared service centers due to some obstacles or challenges.

Of course, one of the biggest obstacles for a company when it wants to implement services like the above, they must inevitably be able to change or rearrange the management structure. In addition, the company should also be able to estimate how its work management and human resources can be consistent with the targets to achieve the company’s goals.

Therefore, in order for the company to focus more on the determining factors for the success of the enterprise in implementing or operating this service, the company needs to develop adequate resources and infrastructure. The solution to overcome this is to try to communicate this action by holding meetings with senior management to implement the changes effectively.

It can be concluded  that the implementation  of  these services is one of the solutions to improve the quality of the business in this digital age while maximizing operations. Due to this, the application of this concept allows the company to optimize by spending and costing as little as possible so that the company can work more efficiently.

Of course, in order to have a sustainable return, especially in the long term for the company, it is necessary to come up with a strategy so that it can make the most of it in the business to get a stable return. The company should allocate a share to the company to improve the overall performance of the company. Therefore, the implementation of a shared service centre  plays a  major role in making the above a reality.