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Here are five recipes for ready-to-eat food typical of West Java

There are many recipes for West Java dishes that are relatively easy, some of which are five recipes for ready-to-eat food typical of West Java that must be tried. Not only rich in sweet, savoury and spicy snacks, West Java also has various large dishes that are not less delicious.

The majority of Sundan people tend to like food that tastes spicy and salty. But on the other hand, they also like different dishes that serve fresh vegetables in them. Besides being healthy and delicious, this vegetable dish is also easy to process, even without a long cooking process.

Some of west Java’s original dishes as everyone’s favorites, including local people, are Karedok, Tahu Gayroth, then the legendary oncom tutug rice, seblachcrackers, authentic sundae livet rice dishes.  You can try these five recipes for ready-to-eat food typical of West Java directly.

Although it sounds like there are many components in the menu, in fact, how to prepare these dishes is easy. Some of the materials used are also easy to obtain and do not require expensive costs. Check out the following review so that you can immediately start learning to cook this traditional food and can be enjoyed by the people you love.

Western food has salad, West Java has Karedok

Yes, if you usually enjoy vegetable salads in Western restaurants, this dish is almost similar.

If salads often use salad, carrots, pieces of sweet wheat, as well as tomatoes, as opposed to plaid. This traditional dish from the Western Java region contains fresh vegetables in the form of cucumbers, beans, pieces of long beans, cabbage, salad, basil leaves, and even a blue eggplant in round form. All served fresh and cut into pieces.

If the salad uses dressings such as olive oil or mayonnaise, plaid uses sauce made from natural ingredients, namely peanuts that were fried, minced together with a mixture of five pieces of onions, cayenne to taste, as well as eight seeds long red pepper. Also add pieces of brown sugar.

To make the taste more stable, fleas with salt spice, as well as pieces of shrimp paste. If you want a little citrus flavour, give it lime juice and a knuckle segment. Stir while cleaning the spices until evenly distributed. If distributed equally, add as much water as it takes to dilute.

One of the five ready-to-eat recipes typical of West Java is over and Karedok is ready to be served by pouring delicious and aromatic peanut sauce on it. Delicious, healthy, practical , also , to do.

Seblak spiced crackers are all around the favorite sips

Another traditional food that is no less simple in the recipe and comes from West Java is seblak crackers. If you usually eat crackers with a crunchy texture, seblak makes the unique taste of crackers by adding spicy soup when served. Although it sounds unknown, if you try, you will certainly be addicted.

The components contained in one of the five recipes for ready-to-eat food typical of West Java are not only crackers, but you can add other ingredients such as meatballs, sausage pieces, eggs, and even pieces of chicken feet that are juicy and soft.

How to do that is also very easy. First, you need to prepare the main ingredient of seblak, which is the crackers you dip in water. Then, you can start making the seblak spiced with onions and onions, four and three grains each, then a little cayenne pepper.

The amount of cayenne adapts only to your taste. Also add six long scales, pieces of drink. Add the water then cook to boil. Also add the scissors and season it with salt, pepper, and powder in powder and granular sugar. Correction of taste as desired.

If it starts boiling, you can start putting the crackers you’ve soaked before, and then cut the fruit or sausages to taste. If you want vegetables, you can also put pieces of cabbage. Cook until it’s boiling, and hydrate while it’s still hot. The smell must be very tempting once.

Nasi Tutug Oncom Kunci uukго наполни твојот стомак.

Five recipes for ready-made food typical of West Java are really varied, one of the most sought-after recipes is definitely the food menu this time, namely tutug oncom rice.

This time the dishes are very suitable for eating lunch or dinner. The production process itself is not difficult. First prepare two boxes oncom and then break it with the help of a fork in a rough scratch. Prepare onions and onions of five and two grains.

To add the spicy flavour, add five cayenne peppers, as well as five fresh red chilli, half a segment of finger, shrimp paste that burns from half a teaspoon, then salt and sugar as needed. Puri until all the spices mix well except the oncoma.

If it is oily, mix the rinsed oncom along with the fine spices, then bake or bake the oncoma until it is boiled and dried a little. Prepare warm rice, mix the oncomo and white rice together until evenly distributed. Oncom tutug rice is ready to eat while still smoking.

Legendary home-made Gayer Tofu

The fourth of the next five recipes typical of West Java is the recipe for geir tofu.

The combination of spicy, salty and also sweet, as well as savory, sour taste from geir tofu soup largely makes the consumer’s tongue. The distinctive tofu is also a soft rombic piece, also capable of filling your brittle stomach. Who would have thought the recipe for making this food was very easy and practical.

You should make the peanut sauce only by grinding the onion and white, as well as the green ones to smooth the cayenne pepper. Then pour a solution of brown sugar, then sweet soy sauce, then tamarind, as well as salt and water on top of the spices that were mashed before.

Prepare and cut the tofu into squares, as well as the rhombic, and pour the soup out of the gare tofu on top. Don’t forget before serving and enjoying it, also sprinkle overflow crackers to add texture. Gayer tofu is ready to be served.

Livet Rice originally from West Java

The last of the five recipes for ready-to-eat food typical of West Java is livet rice.

The method is very easy as cooking plain rice. That alone, you should add some spices such as thinly sliced onions, cayenne pepper, dried lemon grass, duffin leaves, fried anchovies, margarine, salt sprinkling, pieces of fresh heel and water to taste.

Cook in electric rice and wait for the rice to cook. Liwet rice can already be enjoyed with various side dishes you like. Well, these are five recipes for ready-to-eat food typical of West Java that you can easily practice at home.

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