BPS West Java’s mission to manage population data


Did  you know about the population census, conducted  by BPS West Java? The census is the process of collecting data through the sinking of every population unit in all parts of Indonesia.

Census activities are usually performed with specific purposes, for example, knowing how the level of population growth has improved in terms of income, work, and the number of family members. The population census was conducted by the Central Statistics Agency in their respective regions by installing census officials to visit residents’ homes.

In the 2020 Population Census, visit the residents themselves to the official BPS Census website to fill in the data Most people follow this method of completing the digital census, while for the rest of the section, the term is done offline.

This census or spirit fragment is the main responsibility of the BPS: after the census process is completed, the electoral process, taxation, or the country The number of people who can use the information for the decisions of its economic policy will be available, and the census will usually be conducted over a period of 10 years.

BPS with direct responsibility to the president who controls its core responsibilities and its core responsibilities by Law No. 16 of 1997 This is a non-branch government agency. Would you like to know more about this national census body? Let’s see the following explanation:

What are the responsibilities of BPS West Java?

Central Statistics Agency regulated by law another statistical girl management and food charge In carrying out their responsibilities, many steps have been taken starting with reporting information to the president.

Data from the Statistics Center is transparent and public; national statistics data via the official website or BPS West Java application  You can get information services about it.  To find out more, download it on the official page of the site. In addition to the above-mentioned key tasks, there are also the actions of the statistical bodies.

  1. Preparing policies and forming policies in the field of regional and national statistics , preparing programs, and organizing policies.
  2. Coordinating soul engineering activities both locally and nationally.
  3. Establishing a national statistical system.
  4. To carry out the enrollment of souls by providing human power and buildings.
  5. Guidance to related agencies according to the fields of statistical performance.
  6. We’re collecting data and processing it as useful information for the government and the people.
  7. By announcing the results of the census, the form of reporting to the president and official announcements to the public through the BPS of each region

In its development, BPS’s responsibilities and functions are closely related to the development of information technology.Generally Personal computers have been used to make recording easier and faster, and Internet access also helps transmit data from regions to centers.

Information received at BPS

BPS West Java collects and processes information coming from communities in the area of West Java. Everything about the population has been collected, ranging from age, marital status, the number of children and dependents. This is the basic information in the census.

It will also collect information about a variety of issues related to the economy, such as employment, education, and income, thus establishing public economic policies The results of this information are in the form of population development, poverty conditions, unemployment rates and a variety of other information.

If you need this information, you can request it directly to the local BPS office or use the online route. If you choose  to go directly to BPS West Java, you can go directly to the receptionist and fill in the guest book, and then ask for the necessary information.

The digital operator will also help you print the libraries you need, and you can also submit a soft copy request by filling in the request form. This directconSultasi service can be accessed during working hours from Monday to Friday. Attaching a cover letter will make it easier and faster.

For example, since the information needed is to conduct research at school or school, you need to request an introduction letter at school or on campus. The existence of a cover letter will speed up the process of providing data from BPS.

If you cannot go directly to the office, you can publish it on the official BPS website for some time. Demographic information will be found on this page and can be selected according to two publications. There is a button to download at the bottom of the book title.

Processing data carried out by BPS West Java

Levels of data processing are important steps in determining how high the accuracy and accuracy level of generated data are When it was still a statistical center, the data was processed using data as a calculator.

Recording and processing information are now being used in a modern way. The policy of using a computer was introduced, but at that time, data recording was still manual and then embedded in a computer.

Currently, efforts are being made to use all recordings directly by computer equipment. Through both S. West Java applications  , the online census was requested.  Did the 2020 census also be filled out?

Managing data using computers is adapted to the development of information technology in Indonesia. It also accelerates the transmission of data from regions to the center so that the results of the census are available in a short period of time.

Manfaat census information from BPS

The population registration process is under way when it is impossible to say that it is short,” but you used a computer system, but information on the entire Indonesian population.” After all the information is collected, it can only be processed as useful statistical information for the government.

What are the benefits of that information? The type of information presented from the results of the trade economy and mining agriculture There are three: for example, all BPS West Java’s statistics  can be used to make various policies to improve the well-being of the people.

  1. Construction of public buildings by adjusting the number of people living in an area.
  2. Building education facilities to support the younger generation in access to appropriate education.
  3. Additional health facilities, particularly in areas with the fewest access to health services.
  4. Opening jobs and coaching the creative industry to increase people’s income.
  5. I’m helping the right poor people on target.
  6. Entrepreneurial coach and training.
  7. By developing forests, fisheries, farms and livestock, it is developed by modifying the distribution site.
  8. Assistance for food crops and farmers is appropriate for their specification and target.

Therefore, not only for electoral needs, but also for economic development, education and the country There are a variety of other important functions for his health, so it is hoped that all levels of society will help organize the census.

Statistics agencies have real functions and responsibilities in processing regional and national population data.Data By completing the BPS West Java census form,  we have helped the government recognize prosperous Indonesia.

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