3 Ways to Transfer the Latest Smartfren Credit 2020

3 Ways of downloading the latest smartfren credit 2020 is an important skill in today’s digital age. You can perform any activities that require interaction with other people through gadgets.

From communicating, looking for information, buying and selling transactions, entertainment, and so on everything can be done using credit/credit/balance. Therefore,  you will be confused when the data used is exhausted. For both important and secondary needs, they will stop completely when they are exhausted.

Smartfren, which emphasizes the needs of players, provides a solution. Among them, users can transaction through one of 3 ways to transfer credit to the latest   smartfren 2020. So you can temporarily access the Internet before you charge it yourself.

3 Ways to Transfer the Latest Smartfren Credit 2020

Below is a method used to transfer smartfren credit in an easy way.

  1. Via a text message

The first way, in 3 ways to transfer the latest smartfren credit in 2020  you can use the short message service to transfer balance to other people. In the SEND{.} message box type, their smartfren{.} transaction value number. Send the contents of this message to 879. Once the process is successful,  you will get information ranging from the target number, nominal, to the rest of the credit.

  1. Through my Smartfrena

Smartfren offers a free app in the Play Store that provides information services and allows other transactions, including sending balances. Download and install it on your electronic device.

  1. First step transfer, please go to the start page.
  2. Click the Send Credit panel
  3. You’ll see a data form, including “Destination number”, that you need to fill in with the number of the provider you want to send. Then, on the Amount form, fill in  the amount of the credit you  want to send.
  4. When you’re done filling out the form data, press the “send” panel

When delivery doesn’t have a problem,  you’ll be able to get a delivery message with the information you’re attached. During the  delivery process with My Smartfren your   credit will be reduced by 500 rupiah as a transaction fee.

  1. Through UTK smart access .

When you want delivery without the burden of deductions, you can use UTK Smart Access. Step one, please access E-Puls – point to “send credit”. Enter all required information, such as target number, credit amount, and MPIN.

After sending the credit, you can of course check the certainty of success and the nominal current situation. The method  is simple, just send you a short message on the 999 number and fill out a message write n “CEK” to get information about bonuses and balances. It may also be that this procedure is done using “calling” with a voice message.

You can get balance information using the dial-up service. Please enter the number *999# for regular credit information  . You can use the number *995#for bonus information in the call menu.

Transfer balance conditions to other

Of course, running a process of 3 ways to transfer the latest smartfren credit in 2020, there are rules of the game that would be successful to  be  followed. If it does not meet the applicable requirements, the shipping process will fail, here is the description:

  1. The minimum balance transfer is 1,000 rupee and the maximum value is 100 thousand. The balance can be ditransfer with thousands. When a balance transfer with a value of 50,500 cannot be made.
  2. When you want to send, the number must be active and the destination is still active. And you can send it limited to smartfren providers.
  3. When sending, the credit on the sender’s number is still at least 5,000 rupiah when delivery is
  4. The fee charged to the sender is 50000 rupee, which is automatically deducted. So when there are 10,000 rupees left in your balance to send a balance of 5 thousand, then you can’t. Because after the shipping costs were deducted, there were only 4.5 thousand rupiah left. However, the fee will only be charged when using text messages, call hopes and apps. Meanwhile, if you’re using UTK Smart Access, you can send it for free.
  5. For the numbers receiving the active period, they will be increased in accordance with the terms of the extension.

Conditions for sending non-Smartfren credits

Smartfen can also be used to send balance to other providers. However, the three-way transfer process of the latest smartfren credit in 2020 will  cost  more  – 2,000 rupiah. When we send 10,000 rupees, it will reduce the balance by 12,000 rupiah. As far as the recipient is concerned, they will not be subject to discounts.

As regards the requirements for the 3 latest smartfren credit transfer methods in 2020 , both numbers must surely be active. Meanwhile, in terms of frequency of shipping no more than 1 day 12 times depending on the availability of your balance. Recipients will not get an additional active period for other operators. To get an additional active period, try filling it independently.

The last condition, when the process fails but the sender’s balance is deducted, is certain that you will receive a refund. However, before  you can see whether the signal is stable or not, whether the sender process is using the Uangku or My Smartfren app.

If you still don’t send a call center, you can ask for  an explanation at (021) 50100000 or directly on the counter. In the meantime, if you go  through the call center, it’ll be served a full 24 hours.

How to transfer balance to non-Smartfren

3 ways to download the latest Smartfren 2020 credit from different providers, you can use the short message service. Start by writing the destination number, and then you can send it to 7000.   You  can then receive a confirmation message.

Enter the “Y” answer to give the answer in the affirmative. If  successful  ,  the destination delivery number will also be notified if the delivery number is  successful.

In addition to the above methods, you can also do so with the My Smartfren app. If you already have one, open an account with your number. Then open the E-balance menu. Then enter the target number and amount information in the intended form. Write MPIN before selecting the transfer.

Sms mailing starts with sending{.} target number{.} balance sheet value. Then write 879 on the receiver, press send panel, process complete. He just has to wait or make it or not. If the operator is successful, it will send a short message notification.

The last way to transfer data to another person is to use “MY MONEY”. If you already have this program, go directly to Start. Scroll to “Submit credit”, you’ll  get a data form. Complete all required information. If you have completed all the procedures, you will be notified of a successful transaction process with a short message.

Since the usual balance of this urgent transaction is not too much, you must use it well. The first option is of course to use it to access M-banking for the top independent credit. If you don’t have M-banking, you can use Marketplace or other ways to make a balance mix.

If the self-balancing system is still on hold, use it efficiently. Especially for basic needs such as communication. To get your status running out fast, temporarily turn it off, location, google map, and other apps. Also with automatic downloads of apps  and media. A very effective way to store  credit scores 3 ways to transfer credit to the latest smartfren 2020.


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