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Connection issues or  invalid  MMI code

When you try to contact thecarrier number using a smartphone, and then a pop-up window appears writing connection problems or  invalid MMI codes, of course, it’s quite confusing. Especially if at that time you really need special information  from your respective operator. Of course, there may be an error in the code entered due to a special cause.

Of course, as a user, you must first understandhowan MMI code  can be considered inappropriate.   So, indeed, it can  actually be quieter and not be confused because later this problem can be solved independently and then try to contact the operator according to their respective needs.   Although indeed, you must first pay attention to a few steps.

The existence of this particular step cannot be applied immediately  when you try to  reduce the factor of connection problems or  invalid MMI  codes.   It is therefore necessary  to  wait a few seconds to see if the operator can then be contacted or not. No need to worry immediately that your smartphone is damaged as this is related to the carrier’s network.

So when this happens, understand well and be patient in the wait.   If it is not resolved when you try again, you can start trying to apply some steps, this can indeed be done as a solution to the error in the MMI code. You do not need to come to the place of service, this condition can always be overcome by yourself.

Understand  your   phone’s MMI code error

Man Machine Interface stands for MMI in the form of code. This code is a special service created for you to access various features on your phone. The special code  consists of several combinations of symbols as well as numbers. Of course, this is made easier when you need to use  special features for their respective operators.

The use of this special code is when you need to get information about quota or Internet credit, as well as  ABOUT IMEI and other needs.   However, there are still many possibilities for the emergence of connection problems or  invalid MMI codes  are also quite annoying as they hinder the process when you need to check certain information about your network according to their individual needs.

Various things  will cause an error in the combination of these symbol numbers, for example because the network settings do not occur properly and there may still be a lot of  unimportant  files  stored in the phone’s memory.  The  code error  occurs because if a temporary bug appears on the phone, as well as because the  lack of support on the carrier signal decreases.

So, indeed, the existence of a connection problem or  an  invalid MMI code  on the phone  is not something serious and even requires  special manipulation.   Users can indeed apply alternative steps based  on these possible causes so that it is easier to fix errors  later.

Practical tips to minimize the error of special codes

Many  of the  initial  solutions are actually quite easy  to use as solutions if there is a connection problem or if the MMI code is not valid.   It is possible that the cause is a bug in your signal network, so the solution  is  to restart the phone and then wait a few seconds before trying to contact the carrier. This step will indeed help to  fix if there are any bugs on the phone.

The following alternative solution  may be easier for you to do by trying to activate the plan mode on the smartphone, after waiting a while to return the  normal signal. This is a very useful solution  for your signal to  be corrected again and quickly captured correctly by the phone.

When you find a connection problem or  an  invalid MMI code, it may be because the least important storage  is indeed stored in memory. The habit of leaving even less  important documents for your memory will certainly end up  interfering with its performance.   So, it is important that you try to get used to checking the file manager section and start diligently deleting   unimportant documents in memory.

Clearing the cache and various unimportant files on your phone will make more memory available for other purposes. In the settings section, of course, you can easily find the storage section that can indeed be cleaned. Doing this regularly is also very useful to keep the performance and memory of the smartphone optimal.

Put a specific mark on the operator’s number combination

If indeed the previous  quick trick  still cannot be able to change the  connection problem or  if the MMI code  is not valid and there are still problems, try to apply other steps.   Inserting a special mark  into the operator code when you contact the operator  can be an alternative so that the error can be  resolved.

You can insert a +  sign  at the beginning of the typed code.   For example, the code you need is to call *123# and then try to write *+123#. The + sign will be obtained how to maintain the number zero longer.   This method can sometimes  successfully overcome the problem of invalid code errors on your phone.

Another special  sign  that can also be used is the comma. But unlike the previous character, you must insert this comma character at the end of the code. For example, write *123,#. The way to get a comma in the dial is to  hold the * button  longer.

The insertion of this character is indeed a step that is rarely known or done. If indeed you have done everything else, but it has not succeeded, of course, the insertion of a character will be very useful. But be careful and check again for connection problems or invalid MMI codes , you use it in the right way.

The appearance of an error reading the special code of the given  command  can also be found. Therefore, an important step can be made because a solution will be applicable  by giving these special characters.   Try to apply it, for example, there is a connection problem or  an  invalid MMI code  persists.

Advanced Solutions How to Change the Signal

Onenetwork enis in smartphones   with great signal strength widely used today is 4G LTE. However, this signal service  also often raises errors such as  connection issues or  invalid MMI codes.    This obstacle exists due to the  lack of support for this signal when the need to contact as well as regular short messages. Of course, the priority of the network is because the focus is on the Internet.

So, to overcome this problem, you can try to temporarily change the 3G signal of using 4G. Of course, only by meeting the needs of short phone messages so that the network is more optimal. This will minimize the appearance of problems or errors in the  special  code when making contact with the operator.

To change it, you can go to the phone’s settings section and then take the mobile network option. In this option, there will be  options to set the network that will be used on your phone. All that remains is to change it from 4G to 2G/3G, after which save the settings and try to make an operator call as the beginning.

This way, your phone network will be stronger and there will be no problem reading  the MMI symbol number  combination  again  . Indeed, there have currently been many developments brought  to  today’s smartphones. So, in this  obstacle, there are more  in older versions of smartphones, so adjustments must first be made.

Such network problems are indeed possible in various operators as well as on mobile phones. For this, you do not get confused immediately  because everything can still  be solved correctly. There are still so many solutions that  can be applied so that you don’t have  connection problems or  invalid MMI codes, but indeed the latest smartphones will have minimal errors.

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